Conversion Rate Optimization

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Is your site optimized? or TEST TEST TEST!

At FlowMotion, we know it’s hard work to attract the right audience and even harder work to get them to convert to a customer or lead. We also know that improving your conversion rate should be your number one priority and that’s why our team has made things easy for you.

Whether you are focused on gaining more customers or lowering your cost per acquisition (CPA), you should be testing, analyzing the results and then test some more. We can handle all of the steps of website testing and site optimization so you don’t have to pull out your hair!

You should ALWAYS be testing. Did we mention TESTING?

One of the great things about marketing on the web is the amount of data that you can collect – quickly. We work with you to ensure the right tools are in place to capture testing data. Once that is in place, we collaborate with you to come up with multiple tests, analyze the results and make the necessary changes.

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What is a Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion optimization (conversion rate optimization) is the manner of enhancing the percentage of website users that a website is able to convert into customers and/or leads.