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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a science and we have our PhDs!

At FlowMotion, our SEM experts understand that there is a fine balance between increased paid traffic and ROI (return on investment).  Before we take on a pay per click search campaign, we have a clear understanding of your goals.  We work with you to determine your cost per acquisition (CPA) and traffic volume targets.  Once we have this understanding, we develop your PPC campaign and/or take over an existing campaign.  We focus our efforts where the traffic is, Google, Bing and Yahoo!

New Search Campaigns

Are you just getting started on your paid search campaign?  Let FlowMotion make sure you start with the best foot forward. We develop a responsible pay per click strategy based on your financial targets and let you know what you can realistically expect for traffic and sales.  We research the keywords, create the ad copy and manage the bidding process.  Once we have some meaningful data, we start to optimize the campaign for better performance.

Existing Search Campaigns

Is your current PPC campaign stalled or struggling?   Do you have a PPC campaign that is just not performing?  Are you wondering if your current SEM agency is up to the task? FlowMotion loves a challenge!  Let us take a look at your paid search campaign(s) and we will let you know if we can move the needle.

Whether you are just getting started or need a refresh on your PPC campaigns, drop us a message at 888.818.3569 or Contact Us below.

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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM stands for search engine marketing and is sometimes called ‘paid search or ‘pay per click (PPC).’  This refers to the process of purchasing ads based on select keywords from search engines to drive traffic to your website.