Video Post Production

Great ideas brought to life conceptually and visually from design through script and storyboard.

We bring video and graphics concepts to life.

With our 10,000 sq ft production facility located in Camarillo, CA (Ventura County) equipped with sound stage and four post-production suites, FlowMotion takes your individuality with a grand mix of seriousness and creativity. We combine all that gives your video a voice with great post production. Our creative team knows the balance is key in breathing life to your video production and giving a greater meaning to your vision.

We call this process “the magic.”

This is the Post Production process and it typically includes:

• Video Editing
• Motion Graphics
• 3D Animation
• Visual Effects
• Music Scoring
• Sound Design
• Color Correction
• Video Authoring

FlowMotion’s creative team of video editors, animators, designers, and general post production virtuosos can produce your imagery and sequences with as much ambition as our writers and directors imagine it up. Our Editors glean the best footage out of all generated during the production process and harmonize them in to a captivating narrative experience.

FlowMotion provides full-service post production for projects such as:

• Informercials
• TV Commercials
• Music Videos
• Title Sequences
• Movie Trailers
• Broadcast Promos
• Corporate Videos
• Brand Videos
• Promo Videos
• Viral Videos
• Pitch Videos
• Digital Media / Web Videos
• Concert Visuals
• Graphics Packages

We also provide the following à la carte post production services:

• Broadcast Design
• Color Correction
• Visual Effects
• Compositing
• Motion Retouching
• Surround Sound Mixing
• Voice Overs
• 62′ Sound Stage / Cyc Wall Rental (Green Screen)
• Live Streaming Video Services

Want to make sure all that production footage is utilized to it’s best? Need an efficient and creative team to do what they do best with conceiving your vision. To learn more or to schedule a tour of our 10,000 sq ft video production facility located in Camarillo, CA (Ventura County), call us at 888.818.3569 or Contact Us below.

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What is Video Post Production?

The post production process includes video editing, audio editing, 2D and 3D motion graphics modeling and animation, mastering (sound sweetening and video color processing), and final output to the required specs.