Concept Development for Video Production

Great ideas brought to life conceptually and visually from design through script and storyboard.

We create memorable and highly impactful video production concepts to engage your audience and provoke action!

FlowMotion’s concept development process begins in the creative department. We have a team of proficient producers, directors, writers, designers, composers, visual effects, and graphic artists that work together in developing your project ideas into several unique production approaches.

Our team explores a number of ways to interpret your narrative and visual style and researches what production methods will connect with your target audience. Our creative workflow includes researching, scriptwriting, and storyboarding. After considering dozens of options, we assemble all the best key elements and creative choices into a compelling final concept to present to you for evaluation and discussion.

Do you have an idea for a video production? Do you need more knowledge and guidance to execute your concept? Let FlowMotion develop your idea into a compelling motion picture. Call us at 888.818.3569 or Contact Us below.

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What is Concept Development?

Concept Development translates your vision into a fully realized, executable plan. Our concept development services combine the generation of ideas with the ultimate goal of building a strong foundation for your project. Whether your concept is fully developed or is a budding idea, we will guide you down the path to a successful video production.