Concept and Storyboarding for Web Design

Great ideas brought to life conceptually and visually from design through script and storyboard.

How to build a “crystal ball” that will show you the future:

Good planning is the key to delivering a high-quality website that is on track with your specified timetable and your budget. At FlowMotion, our creative team always starts with a storyboard (i.e. wireframe) to ensure we are both on the same page. We prioritize all of your needs, making sure they are addressed BEFORE we start to design and develop your website. This practice is extremely important because it helps save you time and money.

I know you might hate to stop and ask for directions, but if you want your website to go in the right direction you’re going need a map. That’s why web design storyboarding is essential to the process of building a website.

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What is Storyboarding?

Think of storyboarding as the act of drawing up a blueprint or a map for a web design project. It is a tool that can be referred to throughout the web design process. Storyboards have all items that will be included on each web page represented, such as, images, banners, navigation, graphics and text. It is great for use with presentations and meetings.