Web Photography

Great ideas brought to life conceptually and visually from design through script and storyboard.

Product shots, company photos, or interest-creating imagery – great images matter!

When you are selling on the web, your customers can’t touch your products. Product photography is their next best option, so your photos have to be great. At FlowMotion, we have a full video/photography studio including a 62′ Green Screen, several white backdrops, tungsten lighting, large format cameras and an expert staff that professionally stage and shoot your products. We are also happy to shoot on location to make sure we get the right shot.

Whatever you web photography needs are, FlowMotion has you covered:

• Product Shots
• Executive and staff photos
• Equipment and facilities
• Interior Office
• Exterior Office Building (Aerials) (send up the drone!)
• Lifestyle

(People tend to skimp upfront when taking photos for the web, thinking that it will be cheaper/faster to fix any issues in post-production. It just not true.)

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Why is web photography different?

Photography and post production of photos requires careful consideration of relatability to neighboring design elements, crop, file size, and file format.